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About proximal contact

Proximal Contact, LLC was founded in 2015 by Chance Bodini, DDS. We use this company to operate a family of websites that support dentists. The purpose of the organization is to build online tools and create services that help dentists throughout their careers. Below are some of our current projects.


Embrasure Space

Embrasure Space is our cornerstone project where we are building a new online community for dentists and those who support them.



We maintain a directory of all things dentistry at DentWoo.com. DentWoo is a complex site with a simple objective - to make finding content and connecting with its creators easy for dental professionals.



We believe that finding a practice should be as easy as finding a home, so we built Zillistry - a site that gives dentists the same features and functions they've grown accustomed to have access to when searching for a home, and applied them to practice sales.



Zigistry is a project we created to connect with dentists, hygienists, and registered dental assistants who are licensed exclusively in California.



Zipistry is where we make it easy for consumers to find a nearby dentist fast. The directory offers dentists and easy and affordable way to create a profile for their practice to increase their online footprint.


Dental statement

We use DentalStatement.com to help students get into dental school or a residency by helping them craft a story about who they are, what obstacles they have had to overcome, and what they aspire to accomplish.